President (San Jose City College) - San Jose City College in San Jose California

Unfortunately, this job is expired as of 3/26/2014.

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San Jose City College

San Jose, California 95135

United States


Detailed Job Description

(San Jose City College)  

As the San Jose City College's Chief Executive Officer, the President is responsible for all aspects of College operations, and reports to the District's Chancellor. The President works in collaboration with the faculty, staff, and student governance groups to meet the ever-changing educational needs of an extremely diverse community and its student population. Under policies and priorities established by the Board and the Chancellor, the President is responsible for assessing, planning, implementing and evaluating the programs and services of the College to meet the educational needs of the students and the community. As the administrative leader of the College, the President plays a key role in representing the College to numerous community, business, labor, educational and governmental groups.  


1. Student Learning and Student Success
• Implement innovative programs and services to address the changing environment around adult education, non-credit, career and technical education and transfer.
• Implement academic programs targeted towards eliminating the achievement gap.
• Promote and support teaching, learning, and student success by focusing on quality instruction and services.
• Advocate for access for comprehensive student support services needed to ensure student academic success and educational goal achievement.
• Target college initiatives that improve the success of under-prepared and under-represented students.
• Work with faculty, staff, and students to establish innovative programs, curricula, and co-curricular activities that meet the needs of a diverse student body.
• Articulate a vision for the college that incorporates emerging needs and trends, which then lead to a strategic planning process that defines new programs and services.

2. Governance, Leadership, and Advocacy
• Provide leadership in meeting the needs of a highly diverse, urban community by relying on a deep commitment to quality instruction, student access, retention and success.
• Respect and work effectively with the leadership within the participatory governance process. Attend the regular meetings of constituency groups as schedule allows.
• Be able to recognize and hire qualified faculty, staff and administrators.
• Create connections through open communication throughout the college by engaging students, faculty, and staff in meaningful dialogue at all levels of the organization.
• Effectively advocate for the benefit of the college within the local and state arena.

3. Climate
• Tolerate and embrace diverging opinions and diverse perspectives.
• Nurture a campus climate that is welcoming, respectful and kind.
• Develop an institutional sense of community for all students, faculty, staff and management.
• Champion standards for civility, transparency, open communication and trust.
• Be visible on the campus.
• Stay in the Bay Area and make a commitment to San Jose City College.
• Promote collegiality, staff cohesiveness, respect, and empowerment among all college constituents.
• Champion a campus climate that is welcoming to businesses in Silicon Valley both in aligning academic programs and creating opportunities for businesses to support student development through internships, mentoring programs, and other means.

4. Planning, Finance, and Facilities
• Provide leadership for capital construction and renovation projects.
• Fiscally manage the college using sound stewardship.
• Be familiar with and understand the positive and negative consequences of "Basic Aid".
• Expand the college's use of data and analysis to make informed and wise institutional decisions.
• Provide experience and leadership in the continuing review and development of a strategic master plan and the establishment and assessment of institutional goals that includes integrated resource planning.
• Aggressively pursue alternative resources for institutional development by building community relationships, developing industry ties and generating industry and community resources.
• Lead the college in the continuous review, maintenance and updates of equipment and technological systems for teaching and learning.

5. Professional Development and Employee Relations
• Support and develop funding sources for professional growth and development for all employees.
• Demonstrate commitment to diversity, equity, and equal employment opportunity.

6. Community Involvement and Economic Development
• Increase the visibility of the college in the City of San José and in the Silicon Valley by being familiar and well-grounded in the surrounding region.
• Strengthen and increase partnerships with K-12, other higher education institutions, business and industry, and the community.
• Work to improve the image of the college in its community and develop appropriate marketing strategies to strengthen the connection between the college and its larger community.
• Support community economic development programs and services of the college.
• Actively engage with the SJECCD Foundation Board to develop new funding opportunities to support expansion and upgrades of academic programs aligned with local and regional business needs.
• Develop special events and community alignment in concert with the San Jose Evergreen Community College District Foundation with the goal of augmenting and supplementing the budget for the College.

7. Accreditation

a. Have demonstrated experience with the accreditation process and how it impacts the instruction, services and operations of a campus.
b. Integrate strategic planning, program review, enrollment management, and budgeting to meet all standards of accreditation.

The ideal candidate will be:

• A leader who embraces the challenges and opportunities related to a community college with a rich heritage and understanding of life in an urban setting.
• A leader who is student-centered, committed to offering learning-centered programs, supports quality instruction, student services and is sensitive to the effects of all decisions on students, the campus community, and the larger community the college serves.
• A visionary leader with a high level of energy, who is an ethical, honest, and trustworthy individual.
• An administrator with exceptional interpersonal qualities, who possesses effective oral, written, and listening communication skills.
• A person with cultural competency as demonstrated by sensitivity to, and appreciation of, ethnic, cultural, socio-economic and social diversity.
• An articulate communicator with the presentation skills essential to effectively represent the college to its larger community, including the public media.
• An educator who is a consensus builder with a management style that is inclusive, collaborative, and enthusiastic, who values, supports, motivates and develops employees, acknowledges their contributions and who is an open, approachable and accessible.
• An educator and leader who is committed to consensus-building through participatory governance.

Skills and Abilities:

1. A self-confident and inspirational leader who will be actively involved in the life of the institution and the surrounding community, build trust, understand both academics and student affairs, and work collaboratively to establish the direction for the college.
2. A leader with a demonstrated history in the development of innovative programs and services designed to meet the needs of a highly diverse student population and to promote student success.
3. An individual with demonstrated successful experience in educating under-prepared students, Non-native Speakers of English, and students with special needs.
4. An individual with demonstrated success in workforce development, career programs, and transfer.
5. An educator and scholar who will inspire intellectual curiosity and academic integrity at all levels of the institution.
6. A collaborative, visible, and decisive leader who makes informed decisions using sound data, fosters cohesiveness, and rallies the college around shared directions and priorities.
7. A successful fundraiser.
8. An effective communicator who supports and respects the work of all employees.
9. An individual who understands and appreciates the role of a college president and being part of a two-college district.
10. Demonstrated experience in classroom instruction.
11. An administrator who has experience in a union environment and who will value good labor relationships at the college.



1. Master's degree from an accredited institution.
2. At least 3 years of significant and successful administrative experience in higher education.
3. At least 3 years of experience working directly with students.
4. Demonstrated competence, knowledge, sensitivity and ability to provide leadership in a complex educational environment with students from diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, disability, and ethnic backgrounds.
5. Effective leadership experience working with historically underrepresented groups, and groups who may have experienced discrimination.
6. Demonstrated success integrating diversity into at least three of the major areas including supervision, evaluation, recruitment, hiring, student services, program and/or curriculum development, policies and practices, retention of women, ethnic minorities and the disabled, contracting, mentorship, staff development, and meaningful interaction with diverse students and other employees.  

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Type of School:2 - Year Institution / Technical
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