Thank you to our clients:

Regarding the Website in it's entirety:

"4,000 views and 120 applies in the first ten days -that's amazing.  I showed the Provost and he was ecstatic.  This is great.  Thanks so much." -  Assistant Provost for Diversity and Inclusion, mid-sized Midwestern university.

After two years of failed searches for a [hard-to-fill humanities] job, we extended the search to included ScholarlyHires.com and amazingly had higher volume and made [not one, but] two offers. We are not sure of the coincidence, but are extremely happy with the results.  - Academic Affairs executive at a large, public California university.

We are loving the free interface and how clean the jobs look to the applicants.  We don't have exact numbers yet, but since we started with you, we have definitely seen an increase in both quantity and quality of applicants. - W.M., recruiting coordinator at mid-sized public southeastern university.

I just love your site, and I use a lot of sites posting hundreds of positions annually.  It is far and away the quickest and easiest to post on - just wonderful.  I will be a reference to whomever wants feedback, including your great customer service. - Faculty Human Resources administrator for a large Jesuit university in the Midwest that came to us in order to increase diversity reach.  As an aside, they are on track to get 55-60,000 views from ScholarlyHires.com this year.

Regarding the overall ease of the Website:

We remain very pleased with ScholarlyHires.  I especially like being able to copy past postings to save time.  - small East Coast university that manually posts about 25 jobs annually to the website

The website is "really easy to use and really easy to find for searches; search committees need that. Based on pure volume and the ease of the website, it's where I would go and the cost was certainly very good." We are "very pleased with it."  - N.B., in the executive offices of a large midwestern university, who has begun referring others in her office to the website.

"I LOVE your website!  Very user friendly!  Particularly like the ‘My Dashboard’ page.  Looks like we have had quite a few views already ;-)"  - D., in the provost office of a private midwestern college.

Excellent!  Thank you for such speedy work  It’s great to have a job board where I don’t have to do anything! - T.H., a mountain states community college Employment Director

Regarding our SWEEP and / or Job Extraction Tool (JET), which allows those of you with Applicant Tracking Systems to post jobs in 15-45 seconds (with JET) or automatically with no time or effort (SWEEP):

"[it felt] almost too easy.... This can't be it.  I had to go check that the jobs were posted correctly since it was so simple."  National advertising agency AE re: posting 3 jobs in under one minute for a new client.

"Wooo hoo!!   Piece of cake. Thank you!"   Well-known New England fine arts institution after first 35 positions posted with no effort on their part.

"It's so easy, it's scary."  Provosts Office from a very large private university in the Midwest.

"Oh my gosh .... is that easy .... that's perfect .... this is going to be great .... I can't believe how quickly that can be done."  Cindy from Ohio, after posting her first position using JET in under 50 seconds.

“Wow, that was super easy.  Yours is clearly the easiest posting site, and we post to four.  Thank you, thank you.  That was just fantastic.”  Laura from Colorado, who sent us a frantic email because her job poster was sick and she had to post positions herself.  After four minutes of training, she had nine jobs posted in eight minutes.

 “Thank you, Rick!! This really is amazing. We just tried it and it would save us so much time! Thanks again!!”  Recruiting team from a mid-sized northeastern private university that used to post manually.  We created a Job Extraction Tool (JET) at no charge, and what used to take 8-10 minutes now takes 30 seconds. 

"Whoa - that was the easiest job posting ever."  Head of Recruiting at a Maryland Community College.  First job was posted in 31 seconds and she was fulled trained in 9 minutes. "I am really liking the system! It’s so easy!"  Her comment after 5 days using it.

"I have to admit, after posting positions online for twelve years - I was skeptical.  This is amazingly simple."   #2 person in recruiting at a large university at a recent CUPA-HR conference.

Regarding our Diversity Results:

“We are doing a presentation to other Higher Ed institutions who are interested in diversifying their workforce….  We have had such good exposure with Scholarly Hires!  Could you please e-mail [the AVP for Diversity] how you reach a Diverse population…”  Office of the President staff-member in the Western Plains states.

Regarding our Customer Service:

“I appreciate your follow-through and thoroughness in helping a new customer ‘find the right path’ into your system. . . . And with your assistance, the results should be a little clearer.  May the ‘adventure’ begin.”  A.L. – Human Resources Office from a very large Midwestern University, commenting on our prompt and thorough customer service.

"I also heard that you caught me posting a job twice, which was definitely true. I thought I posted two different job identifier numbers and I ended up using one twice – oops. I thought I noticed when I logged in a few minutes ago that we were credited one back for the error. Is that true? If so, thank you. And thank you for being on the lookout for us. We definitely appreciate the extra effort; no one else we know or use has this caliber of customer service." - Bulk buying client who appreciates our service so much they are reordering early. 

At the end of the day, we preach customer service.  We may not be the largest - but you will get to know us for the promptness and respect you receive.

Thank you to our applicants:

Regarding our Job Fairs and Simple Browsing:

".... in this recent job fair I want to compliment you and your staff for the simplicity in with it was easy to search jobs under your search tip " List of all Job Categories where jobs are posted".  I look forward to the next fair."   G.Z.

"Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you I thought ScholarlyHires' online job fair was outstanding! I had the opportunity to interact with several schools and, although I didn't add to my online teaching portfolio, I feel that I made some outstanding connections with some great people! ... I know this effort required a lot of hard work on your end, and I just wanted to say thanks." - Brian

"Thank you Rick,,,,the site looks like it will make my career searches much more efficient." -Kevin

"Rick, great site.  Glad I found it." - Sandra

Regarding our New Advanced Job Search Protocol:

 ".... I found your site easy to navigate and with interesting opportunities. Best regards, Shauna"   S.D. - a new applicant.

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