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International Journal for Job Search for Professionals in Higher Education


Avoiding the biggest mistake in job advertising   (8/17)

Diversity or Inclusion:  If you build it will they come?    (7/17)

Employer Finalizing the Hiring Process - Applicants Rights   (3/17)

Identifying the best teaching faculty   (2/17)

Looking behind the hidden agenda   (10/16)

Rogue Search Committee Members  (6/16)

Walking Away   (2/16)

Some Suggested Calendar Year-End Resolutions    (12/15)

Who Would You Call for the Interview?   (10/15)

Diversity outreach: a 4-pronged approach to successful pipelines  (9/15)     updated 11/16

Five Common Mistakes for Online Job Postings    (5/15)

Parsing the Interview      (4/15)

Cultural Fit vs Diversity   (11/14)

Keep Your Good Candidates Informed and Interested   (02/14)

Preparing Questions for Interview Panels   (01/14)

The Straw Man (or Woman) for Higher Ed Executive Roles   (01/14)

The Delayed Effect   (12/13)

What if a Job Candidate Has a Visible Disability?   (11/13)

Finding the Best Faculty Applicants   (11/13)

Good Interviewing Goes Beyond the Simple Questions   (11/13)

Finding the Right Faculty Additions - A Humanistic Approach   (09/13)

Six Things Human Resources Wishes Hiring Managers Would Do  (06/13)

Recruiting for an Open Position   (05/13)

Finding Your Ideal Candidate   (03/13)

There are Many Alternatives to Teaching at a 4-Year Institution   (02/13)

How to Sell Your University as an Employer of Choice   (01/13)

Are You an Equal Opportunity Employer?   (01/13)

Reasons to Reject Candidates for Higher Education Jobs   (11/12)

The Internet Interview   (11/12)

Don’t Hire a Rock Star When You Need Someone to Sell the Band   (09/12)

Are You Correctly Managing an Applicant's References?   (09/12)

Toward an Eco-Friendly Academic Search Process  (09/12)

Employer Hiring the Right Candidate (after the interview)  (08/12)

Questions to Ask Your Search Committee  (08/12)

Why Fill Full Time Faculty Positions When Adjuncts are Readily Available?  (07/12)


The Search Committee  (07/12)

Rate Your Candidates Against an Ideal  (05/12)

Department Appointment Guidelines for Higher Education Positions  (05/12)

Faculty Search Redux  (04/12)

Why Views per Job per Month matters  (04/12)    Updated 02/15.

Leading an Interview Panel  (03/12)

Presence vs. Productivity  (03/12)

Do You Embrace Diversity?  (03/12)

Credit Checking Candidates: Is It Right?  (03/12)

Multitasking  (02/12)

3 Steps to a Successful Hire  (02/12)

How Long Should I Post a Job Online with a 3rd Party Website?  (02/12)

360 Degree Feedback for Recruiting  (02/12)

How Many Job Advertising Sites Are Too Many?  (01/12)

The Assessment Process: More than an Interview  (01/12)

Conducting Successful Video Interviews  (01/12)

The Right Fit  (12/11)

Memo to Search Committee Members: The Academic Hiring Process isn’t about YOU! (PART TWO)  (12/11)

Memo to Search Committee Members: The Academic Hiring Process isn’t about YOU! (PART ONE)  (11/11)

How to Use the Online Application to Find Your Top Candidates  (11/11)

Does Past Performance = Future Performance?  (11/11)

Relishing Creative Difference  (10/11)

Writing an Enticing Higher Education Department Job Posting  (6/11)

Building Consensus in University Hiring Decisions  (6/11)

Academic Hiring – Pre-Closing the Applicant  (6/11)

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