While You Are Waiting - Network

Trying to get a university job can involve a lot of waiting. Colleges hire according to budget cycles and school year cycles. They often have cumbersome approval chains for filling higher education jobs, and there are usually a multitude of people involved in the process, all of whom have their own timetables.

So what do you do while you are waiting? Clearly you continue applying to other jobs; remember, you don’t have a new job until you are actually moving into your new office. However, there are other things you can do to increase your profile.  Below is a list of 6:

  1. Become active on listservs and social networks that are relevant to your profession. Respond to questions from other members—become known as the resident expert!
  2. Write articles and post them on your networks.
  3. Join professional organizations and be an active member. This means you not only attend meetings, but volunteer for committees, or even to serve as an officer. Write a white paper and get it published in one of your association journals.
  4. Offer to present a session at a professional conference.
  5. Check out volunteer opportunities through volunteermatch.org. There are lots of single event volunteer opportunities available—local schools often need judges for science fairs or speech contests, which can be a terrific opportunity for you to get some local recognition.
  6. Contact your local community college or university and see if they need tutors in your subject area. If you become known as a reliable and effective tutor, you may become the first person they think of when a position opens up.

Not only are you building your resume, but you are increasing your contacts. You never know if one of those contacts might be able to help land your dream higher ed job.

Dindy Robinson has many years human resources experience in higher education institutions.

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