Seeking Employment in the Internet Era

With the advent of using the internet as the primary method of seeking employment, things have changed for the prospective employee. Rarely does one initially apply in person for academic employment opportunities. While the ads for various jobs still appear in the newspaper or in Venue specific journals such as those dealing with Higher Education careers, the job seeker is pointed to an internet site for the application process.

Since both the prospective employee and the prospective employer rely primarily on the initial exchange of information occurring via the internet, it is imperative that the process be such that it is traversed fairly easily. The requirements for those seeking Academic Positions are quite specific. Therefore, attention to detail needs to take place regarding one’s resume or Curriculum Vitae. This ‘paper’ provides the ‘first impression’ that previously took place during the face-to-face application process. The applicant must take care to grab and hold the prospective employer’s attention if any headway through the process is to be made.

Filling faculty positions is a meticulous process. Depending on the subject matter, the criteria for the ideal candidate varies. The candidate must search through the criteria for each position of interest to ensure that the qualifications can be met. The candidate may peruse many opportunities before finding one that matches the candidate’s particular qualifications as well as meeting the needs and desires of the job seeker.

Times are tough. Job opportunities are not always readily available. It may be necessary for the searching candidate to consider relocation if adequate employment is to be found.

Nita Young is a RN Educator specializing in rural health.

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