Preventing university career fallout; helping trailing spouses (and others) succeed

Occasionally academic job transfers, as with any industry, have a certain degree of failure.  The key is to minimize the rate through proactive planning (particularly yours, the new employee).

Now that you have been hired, or are contemplating being hired, as you advance your university career show empathy to your trailing spouse or partner – and your kids, if relevant. Understand what resources they will need to succeed in the transition, and there are lots of opportunities to choose from.  Items such as real estate and schools are standard, but what about:

  • University job referrals
  • Day Care
  • New hire support groups
  • Special human resource benefits
  • Employee assistance programs

Good university human resource departments can help you through the transition during the academic job relocation process.  That is part of what they do (so take advantage of it), and good department administrative personnel should be able to point you to the correct person to help. Be proactive to secure assistance for your trailing person; get him or her the support they need.  And good luck with your new job, no matter whether it is a faculty position or an administrative role.

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