Faculty Job Applicants and the Virtual Profile

Applying for an academic job in today’s digital world requires more than simply sending off your application and resume.  Applicants must also be concerned with their virtual identity. Most recruiters hiring for academic positions typically search the Internet for possible information during the selection interviewing process.

Beef up your virtual identity:

LinkedIn:  Make sure you have a complete profile on LinkedIn.  Become involved in discussions that are in your area of expertise.  Provide comments to provoke thought or offer assistance whenever you can.  Do your own research on LinkedIn as well by finding organizations that you would like to work for and making contact with their groups to gain information or showcase your thoughts.  Networking through LinkedIn can be a powerful way to present your talents.

Facebook:  Monitor your Facebook page closely.  Although Facebook may be reserved for your personal use or fun, an academic job may be lost as a result of the content on your Facebook page or profile.

Twitter:  Your virtual identity can also be affected by your tweets.  There are several educational groups involved with this medium.

Create online examples:

Skillshare:  Build an example of your concept-teaching skills through sites such as Skillshare, Udemy, or Oplerno.  These are three examples of websites that accept courses for publication.  They can be great places to showcase your work as well as providing instruction on a topic of your choice. 

Other websites can be fun to play with as well as providing examples for a possible faculty job.  For example, simple storyboards can be displayed through Sophia.org, Animoto, PowToon, or even through Infographs. 

Collect your virtual identity in one place on your own website or through a blog of your own to help control your virtual identity.

Dr. Rebecca Sanders has been in education for 33 years, and has experience teaching elementary through doctoral level classes.

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