Eavesdropping on the Interview Panel

With a firm handshake you leave, confident that you have wowed the group interviewing you for your dream higher education job. If you could hear the panel discussion, you might not feel so secure.

“She didn’t look at me one single time during the entire interview,” observes Juan, the lone man on the interview panel.

“Don’t feel bad,” mutters Teresa. “She didn’t look at anybody but the boss.”

“Did you notice that she never actually answered any of the questions? She talked a lot, but she didn’t say anything,” Shaniqua notes.

“I don’t feel like she has any interest in us at all,” observes Staci. “The only question she asked was about our benefits.”

“When we asked her why she wanted to work at Starshine University, she said it was because we had a job available, and she needed a job,” Juan adds.

“I couldn’t understand her,” Teresa says flatly. “She had her hand in front of her mouth the whole time, and she mumbled.”

“At least she was dressed appropriately,” Shaniqua says. “Her blouse wasn’t unbuttoned halfway down to her navel like the last lady.”

As the panelists dissolve into laughter, Staci sighs. “Three more candidates to go. I hope at least one of them is suitable.”

Competition for university jobs is fierce, and you must have stellar speaking skills if you want to succeed. 

  • Direct your responses to everyone on the panel.
  • Make sure your answers are responsive to the questions.
  • Keep your hands away from your face.
  • Dress professionally.
  • Be articulate.
  • Do your homework about the institution.

You have to convince the panel that you are the only candidate who can meet their needs. A sloppy interview will only make you a footnote as they move on to the next candidate.

Dindy Robinson has many years of experience working in Higher Education Human Resources.

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