Don’t Neglect Your Resume

Even though most colleges and universities use online applicant tracking systems, your resume is still an important part of your application process for college employment. Most online systems will accept resumes in any format (Word, PDF, Text, HTML) and will preserve your formatting when displaying the results.

Keep your resume simple. Avoid charts, cartoons, graphs, tables, pictures and clever fonts. Include sections for your chronological work history, education, certifications, publications and presentations.

It is extremely easy to customize your resume to fit the particular job for which you are applying. Rather than including a list of your individual job skills, focus on your accomplishments. Keep a list of your key accomplishments from your previous jobs on your computer. Go through the job ad and pull four or five relevant accomplishments from your most recent job to include in your resume, and two to four relevant accomplishments from your previous positions. For instance, if the ad emphasizes the need for communication skills, include those accomplishments that demonstrate your ease in communicating with different constituencies.

Triple check your spelling, punctuation, grammar and consistency in formatting. Convert your resume to a PDF document and use the read aloud function in Adobe Reader to proof read what you have written. You will be surprised at how many errors you catch when listening to a computer read the words you have written back to you! Colleges and universities expect their employees to be able to spell, and hiring managers won’t bother interviewing applicants with multiple mistakes in their resumes.

Delete space wasters such as career objectives, references, hobbies and interests. The purpose of your resume is to show the university what you can do for the institution. Make it easy to read and you are more likely to be interviewed for a higher education position.

Dindy Robinson is the Director of Compensation at Texas Christian University.

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