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All Applicant Advice Journals


Never Underestimate the Power of a Good Resume   (01/15)

While You Are Waiting - Network   (12/14)

Three Tips For Obtaining a Job in Higher Education   (12/14)

College Employees Need to Think Inside And Outside Of The Box    (11/14)

College Teaching Jobs - The Changing Marketplace   (11/14)

Common Myths About Being A Faculty Member   (11/14)

Postsecondary Teachers Employment Outlook   (10/14)

Eavesdropping on the Interview Panel   (10/14)

You Never Have Another Chance to Make a First Impression   (9/14)

When It Comes to Applying for a Job, Do Sweat the Small Stuff   (8/14)

Don’t Neglect Your Resume   (6/14)

Maintaining the ‘Momentum’    (5/14)

It’s Not All About You    (4/14)

Can You Connect with the Campus Population?   (12/13)

Are Thank You Notes Necessary?   (12/13)

At-Will Employment    (12/13)

Social Media and Your Job Search   (11/13)

Understanding the Terminology for Entry Level Faculty Positions   (10/13)

The Right Words   (10/13)

Defining Your Higher Education Career   (10/13)


Networking for Higher Education Positions   (09/13)

Seeking Employment in the Internet Era   (09/13)

Faculty Job Applicants and the Virtual Profile   (08/13)


Cover Letters – The Right Ingredients   (05/13)

How to Answer Inappropriate Interview Questions   (04/13)

Why Work at this Fine Institution of Learning   (02/13)

Organizing Your Job Search Process   (12/12)

Acing the Phone Interview   (12/12)

Inheritance Opportunities   (12/12)

The Courage to Lead   (11/12)                                                                                                           

The Gentle Art of Saying “NO”   (11/12)

Cover Letters that Win  (11/12)

Pet Peeves from Hiring Managers   (10/12)

Which References Can Better Help You Get That Higher Education Position?   (09/12)

Standing Out – During the Interview – Part II   (08/12)

Is the Price Right?  (08/12)

Preparing for Your Interview   (08/12)

Re-Building Your Higher Education Network: The Trials and Tribulations of a Student Affairs Professional Navigating New Lands   (07/12)

Social Media – The Double Edge Sword  (07/12)

Standing Out – During the Interview  (07/12)

How to Show that You Are the Ideal Candidate  (06/12)

Letters of Reference Part 2: Writing Letters as a Responsibility, Opportunity, and Privilege  (06/12)

Facing an Interview Panel  (04/12)

Letters of Reference Part 1: What Do Readers Want?   (04/12)

Presence v. Productivity (Employee Considerations)   (03/12)

Do Your Homework before You Apply for College Employment  (02/12)

The Assertive Candidate  (12/11)

After the Interview – Standing Out  (11/11)

When You Part Ways  (11/11)

How can you tell if advertised academic positions are legitimate?  (11/11)

The Advantages of Streamlining a Resume (10/11)

How to Get Through the Online Application (10/11)

In Search of Opportunity – Knowing Your Teaching Philosophy  (10/11)

What do you really know about your prospective employer?  (10/11)

In Higher Education Career Planning, use COLA for Salary decisions  (6/11)

I have a new Academic Job; Should I buy a home?  (6/11)

Preventing university career fallout; helping trailing spouses (and others) succeed  (6/11)